What is a strong domain name?

TL;DR: Keep it simple, avoid special characters and numbers, and consider the legal aspect of it. With the right domain name, you can set your brand up for success in the digital world. Whether it’s including a keyword or not, the most important thing is that it should be memorable and easy to share.

When it comes to domain names, there are two main types: those that include keywords and those that do not.

Let’s start with domain names that include keywords. A great example of this is “ShoeNation.one”. The domain name is easy to remember, relevant to the business, and helps to define the brand as it includes the keyword “shoe” which is highly relevant to the business. By including a keyword in the domain name, it makes it easy for customers to understand what the website is about, and it also helps with SEO as it will rank better for that keyword.

On the other hand, there are domain names that do not include keywords, like “amazon.com” or “apple.com”. These domain names are still great choices because they are memorable and easy to spell. In these cases, the brand has already established itself, and the domain name has become synonymous with the company. These domain names are catchy, easy to remember and share, and they don’t need to include a keyword to be successful.

Another important aspect of a great domain name is that it should be easy to type. Avoid using numbers, hyphens, and special characters as they can be difficult for people to remember and type correctly. Additionally, try to keep your domain name as short as possible as longer domain names can be harder to remember and share.

Finally, it’s worth noting that choosing the right domain name is not only important for SEO and brand building, but also for legal reasons. Make sure to check if the domain name is already taken and if it infringes any trademarks or copyrights.