The .one domain was established by One Registry, a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark, to be truly generic and available for almost any purpose—nonprofits, global humanitarian organizations, charities, and so on.

For both large and small creators seeking a new and exclusive domain.

The.one domain is adaptable and eye-catching, instantly associating your customers’ brands with success.

A .one domain name is memorable, as evidenced by over 150.000 registrations.

One Registry is a part of group.ONE – an international multi-brand company.


Why .one?

Available .one

Because .one is a new gTLD, there are still a lot of domains open, so there's a fair chance that customers' names are available. 

Expand .one

The .one domain is a fantastic addition to a customer's current domain. Use it for advertising a new version of a product, a brand, or a software update, for example.

Protect .one

The ideal .com domain name is most likely no longer available. Thankfully, the .one domain has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for consumers looking to protect their ideas.

Grow .one

The .one domain was designed to be used for any reason, and it offers a new way to name websites and stand out online.