General for Registrars

How do we become a Registrar?

If you’re an accredited ICANN registrar please contact our Registrar Service Team by filling out this form.

Do you support IDN's?

No, IDN’s (Internationalized Domain Names) are currently not supported.

Who is your Backend Provider?

We have chosen Godaddy Registry (previously Neustar) as our backend provider. With over ten years of experience, Godaddy Registry is a leading provider of Domain Name Registry Infrastructure Services and DNS Services for generic Top-Level Domain applicants and country code Registry Operators. Read more about Godaddy Registry here.

Do you offer 1- and 2 -letter domains?

No, 1- and 2 -letter domains are currently not offered.


Where do I find the Onboarding Pack?

To obtain the onboarding pack, please contact our Registrar Service Team by filling out this form.

Do we have to pay an Accreditation Fee?

No, it is free to sign up as a registrar for .one.

Premium Domains

Do you operate with Premium Domains?

Yes, we have reserved some domains (less than 5000) available at a premium price.

How can we tell if a Domain is Premium?

You can check if domains are Premium over the EPP check domain command or by requesting an offline list from us by filling out this form.

How many Price Tiers are you operating with?

To keep it simple, we have chosen only few price tiers. Pricing is available over EPP and offline list.

How are Premium Domains renewed?

Premium Domains are renewed at Premium price.

Archived - Sunrise Period

When can we register .one domains?

The Sunrise Period was a 60 days end date Sunrise. Contention was solved via auction.

Who can register .one domains in the Sunrise Period?

Only Trademark Holders could register .one domains in the Sunrise Phase using a valid SMD file. SMD files are obtained through authorized TradeMark ClearingHouse (TMCH) Agents.

When did the Sunrise Period start and end?

March 4, 2015 at 12 PM UTC  – Sunrise started.
May 5, 2015 at 12 PM UTC – Sunrise ended.

When did the Auction start and end?

May 11, 2015 at 12 PM UTC – Auction started.
May 18, 2015 at 12 PM UTC – Auction ended.

Was there no landrush phase?

No, after a short quiet period, we went straight to General Availability after the TMCH Sunrise Phase.

Did the sunrise fee include one-year registration fee?


When did you open for General Availability?

General availability started May 20, 2015 at 12 PM UTC.